John Bolus:  Health and Fitness Resume

Executive National Director:  Eniva Minerals for Life

The newest exercise rage, EXERSTRIDING, tones and strengthens the entire body while walking. 3-time Senior Olympics Gold Medalist John Bolus is a certified INSTRUCTOR for EXERSTRIDER, and your source for the equipment to get started.  

BioPro Chip:  protects against electromagnetic radiation

Lectures and Demonstrations on Holistic Health and Wellness at national health shows and local functions.  Specific topics include: Juicing, Sports and Fitness, Nutritional Supplements, answers to the problems of obesity, Attention Deficit Disorder and other health issues.  Health consultant to authors and lecturers.

Experience: Lectures & Chinese Wand Exercise classes taught at the following:

  • Hippocrates Health Institutive, West Palm Beach

  • Naples Florida Adult Education Classes

  • New York State Natural Food Associates Convention

  • Pennsylvania Natural Living Associates Convention

  • Shangri La Health Spa, Bonita Springs, Florida

  • Hallelujah Acres, Shelby, North Carolina

  • N.A.V.S. (North American Vegetarian Society)

  • Ann Wigmore Institute, Puerto Rico

Specializing in:  Chinese Wand Exercises.  America’s sole instructor of this ancient, stimulating, gentle and safe exercise.

Special Interests:  Marathon Runner:  Three-time Gold Medal Winner and Record holder in 5 Kilometer race in the 65-69 Age group, Florida State Championship, Senior Games. 5th Place Medal Winner, National Senior Olympics, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 2001.  First Place:  Litchfield Hills Road Race 2004, 2006, in age group 70+


Remineralize your body, save your life.

John with running guru Bill Rodgers