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Patents and Clinical Studies Showing
  • Treatment of heart disease and congestive heart failure*
  • Treatment of fibromyalgia*
  • Dramatic increases in muscle growth
  • Treatment of low oxygen conditions and associated complications*
  • Rapid athletic recovery*
  • Increased energy levels and anaerobic thresholds*

Eniva ATP-Plus™ is the answer. It provides your body with a patented form of D-ribose, the most fundamental source of energy your body can have. Ribose is what your body uses to naturally build its energy stores and taking Eniva ATP-Plus™ helps your body quickly replace energy levels that have been depleted by hard work, exercise, or health challenges. Please read on to learn how ATP-Plus™ can help your body replace lost energy and why it is so important to overall health and quality of life.*

"Ribose is so important to the metabolism of energy in the body that it actually regulates the entire process of energy production and synthesis."

How Our Bodies Make and Store Energy

Our bodies rely on the compound adenosine triphosphate (ATP) as the source of virtually all its energy requirements. ATP belongs to a class of compounds known as adenine nucleotides and our bodies rely on these compounds as the energy source needed to perform every bodily function. ATP keeps hearts beating, muscles contracting and cells functioning. Without ATP our tissues would simply stop working. High levels of cellular energy are required to keep tissues running at their peak performance.

Food and oxygen are the fuels used by the body to stoke the furnace of energy turnover. As long as there is a sufficient supply of these critical fuels, energy levels are maintained in the body and tissues function normally. However, simply by living our normal daily lives we routinely run into situations when these fuels are not adequately available. For example, disease, strenuous labor or high-intensity exercise all increase our demand for oxygen, reduce its availability to our tissues or disrupt normal energy metabolism. When we use oxygen faster than it can be supplied, our body cannot generate energy fast enough and energy reserves become depleted.

A reduction in the body's total energy may lead to a variety of physiological concerns including fatigue, muscle soreness, stiffness, tissue dysfunction or even total tissue failure if the energy is completely depleted by a lack of oxygen.1-3 Even when oxygen levels return to normal, it may take several days for the energy pool to recover.4-7 Studies have shown that, following repeated strenuous exercise, it may take three days for energy levels to be restored to normal, and in cases of heart disease or other diseases that reduce the flow of blood to tissue (a condition called ischemia) energy levels may never fully normalize.

Tissue energy pools are adequately as long as oxygen is readily available. When pools are reduced, however, our bodies need to rebuild energy supplies through a mechanism known as de novo synthesis. In addition, at the same time energy pools are being stressed, the body attempts to salvage any remaining energy compounds before they are used up. These salvage pathways are also active in every cell in the body and help keep the energy pools from being used up too quickly.

"Eniva ATP-Plus™ is the most fundamental energy supplement you can give your body to maintain healthy levels of cellular energy pools."

Both the de novo (new) and salvage pathways are regulated by ribose.8-11 If ribose is not present in the tissue, or is not present in a sufficient amount to drive the energy pathways, energy levels cannot be re-supplied. Ribose is the most fundamental energy compound available for rebuilding energy levels during and after physiologic stress.

Normal Levels of ATP(cellular energy) are Needed to Preserve Cell and Tissue Health

ATP(cellular energy) is critically important to the life of every cell. Each cell contains a limited supply of ATP needed to perform necessary functions. For example, to maintain its cell wall integrity and salt balance, cells need fully charged pools of ATP. ATP provides the energy used by the cell to move electrolytes across the cell membrane, both in and out of the cell. In addition, the supplies of ATP are necessary to lubricate the action of this movement.12-14

Synthesis of important cellular compounds, such as proteins, is also dependent on maintaining healthy pools of ATP within the cell. ATP is used to energize the metabolism of many critical cellular compounds and depletion of ATP pools contributes to the breakdown of these metabolic processes.

"Energy and cardiovascular health are top reasons consumers buy nutritional supplements or functional foods and beverages."

Tissues that are made up of groups of cells are also heavily dependent ATP concentration. In muscle, for example, ATP fuels contraction and relaxation. In heart muscle the effect of ATP on relaxation is critically important. During the relaxation phase of the heartbeat, known as diastolic phase, calcium ions are pumped out of the cell allowing the heart to fully relax. Full relaxation is necessary to allow the chambers of the heart to fill with blood to be pumped during the next heartbeat. Healthy levels of ATP pools are critical to maintaining healthy cardiac diastolic function.1,3,4,15-19

Short of cell or tissue death, even the most strenuous exercise or disease will not fully deplete ATP pools. There will always be enough ATP preserved in cells to allow muscles to contract, lungs to fill and the heart to pump. However, depletion of ATP pools in cells and tissue can have a dramatic effect on cellular integrity, electrolyte balance, normal cellular metabolism and tissue function. Keeping ATP pools fully restored is critical in keeping cells and tissues healthy and functioning normally.

Natural Production of Ribose in the Body

Ribose is made naturally in our bodies by converting the simple sugar glucose into ribose. The ribose, once formed, can be used by cells to drive various methods of energy metabolism. However most tissues in the body, including the heart and muscles, cannot produce ribose fast enough to quickly restore energy levels once they have been depleted.

Ribose is synthesized in the body by a metabolic pathway called the pentose phosphate pathway. In heart, muscle and several other tissues the pentose phosphate pathway is slow and inefficient. In these tissues, certain important enzymes used to push glucose metabolism down the pentose phosphate pathway are lacking. These tissues prefer to use glucose to fuel ATP turnover and are reluctant to promote ribose synthesis. As a result, when ribose is required to re-supply ATP pools the process is sluggish. Providing supplemental ribose to these tissues significantly increases their ability to normalize ATP pools once they have been reduced or depleted.8,20,21

RIBOSE in Stressed Tissue

A large body of scientific evidence proves that administering ribose to tissue that has been stressed by strenuous work, high-intensity exercise or ischemia (low oxygen) significantly improves the ability of the tissue to rebuild the supply of ATP and adenine nucleotides.1,22-31 Ribose is easily absorbed into the blood and is taken up selectively by all tissues working to restore energy supplies.32,33

"ATP-Plus™ stands alone in its ability to deliver a real, natural, demonstrable, safe and patent protected benefit to health conscious consumers."

But what constitutes strenuous work or high-intensity exercise? For each individual the parameters defining these conditions vary. For trained athletes, high-intensity exercise may be defined as training for a marathon, preparing for a triathlon event, or participating in two-a-day football practice workouts. For someone leading a more sedentary life, however, strenuous work may include everyday tasks such as raking the leaves, cutting the lawn or going for walks. And, for older individuals and those recovering or dealing with health challenges, the definition may be narrowed ever further.

In addition, fatigue, muscle soreness, increased cramping, delayed muscle recovery and reduced tissue function are all possible conditions that may result from prolonged depletion of tissue energy stores. In broad segments of the population, these conditions may be sufficient to significantly affect exercise tolerance and quality of life.

Athletes using ribose as a nutritional sports supplement should not expect sudden bursts of speed or immediate gains in power output. They should expect, however, that because tissue energy stores recover more quickly from a strenuous workout, the physiological condition of their muscles will improve. As shown by a recent publication, this enhanced recovery translates to greater gains over time.34

Those less conditioned should expect an even more immediate response. Taking ribose before and after a workout or strenuous physical activity reduces muscle soreness, lowers fatigue, improves recovery and enhances exercise tolerance. In short, supplementing with ATP-Plus™ allows one to do more work, or exercise harder, with less discomfort.

There is no energy supplement currently on the market with the proven effectiveness of the D-Ribose in Eniva's ATP-Plus™. The biochemical and physiological effects of this important ingredient have been investigated in both human and animal studies reported in over 100 peer-reviewed scientific publications.

How Safe is ATP-Plus

The D-ribose used in Eniva's ATP-Plus™ is made by converting glucose, or corn sugar, into ribose by fermentation processes designed to meet the rigid standards of food and nutraceutical production. In 2002, following almost three years of laboratory, animal and human clinical studies, an expert panel affirmed that the ribose used in ATP-Plus™ is Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS). Both the safety and efficacy of the D-Ribose used in ATP-Plus™ are well established.

The D-ribose used in ATP-Plus
™ is Patent Protected.

There are over 20 issued and pending patents protecting the use of this specific from of D-Ribose over a broad array of medical and nutritional applications.

The Opportunity is Now!

It is well known that strenuous work, high-intensity exercise, and many health challenge conditions contribute to a depletion of the energy pool leading to fatigue, muscle soreness and stiffness that negatively impact exercise tolerance and quality of life. And this concern is universal, all the way from top conditioned athletes to weekend warriors to patients recovering from serious illness. Science has also shown that once reduced, it takes several days for energy levels to return to normal, and in the case of ischemia (low oxygen) they may never recover without the supplemental help of the D-Ribose in ATP-Plus™. Hearts and muscles and brain tissue are most affected by the energy drain caused by disease or strenuous activity, but other tissues may be similarly challenged. A depleted energy pool has a direct affect on the health of every cell and tissue in the body and replenishing the pool quickly is paramount to physiological recovery.

Energy and cardiovascular health are top reasons consumers buy nutritional supplements or functional foods and beverages. ATP-Plus™ stands alone in its ability to deliver a real, natural, demonstrable, safe and patent protected benefit to health conscious consumers.