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this fascinating, fun form of exercise and expand your health horizons!

¥ lower your blood pressure
¥ increase flexibility
¥ increase muscle strength
¥ increase aerobic capacity and cardiovascular fitness

Chinese Wand Exercises
are the oldest form of documented exercise. They date back thousands of years to court physicians of the ruling families of China, who competed for the honor of teaching a member of the royal family the secret art.

This stimulating form of exercise is the only program ever devised that is practiced in five elemental stages, making the entire sequence safe and effective. There are 17 exercises in all, 10 standing and 7 done on the floor. Each exercise builds upon itself and also upon its predecessor. This sequence displays the wisdom of the ancient Chinese in their belief that true strength involves inner strength, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, peace and order. The wand is a fabulous centering device, a true equalizing and balancing system that makes you stronger and encourages beautiful body balance.

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John Bolus teaching Chinese Wand Exercise Class
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